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Additional Information

I'm writing my own bio here so as not to insult you by omitting the obvious fact that nearly everyone writes their own bio, yet does it in the awkward third person.  I might as well start in the middle.  In High School, I came in second in the voting for "Most Likely to Succeed." The guy who won was on a double recruiting trip for an athletic and academic scholarship to a major private university. I was the MC of the event and had to announce my own consolation.  I did not grow up in back to the wall poverty. I did not overcome abuse. I have had my obstacles and some that may impress you, but none that you likely haven't a comparable for. I grew up the son of two loving and present parents. My father is to this day a world class salesman, and my mother just retired from being an awe inspiring elementary teacher.  I had no choice in it.  

I was wired and groomed for teaching and selling and I wouldn't have it any other way.  My journey as an entrepreneur started as a high end sno-cone dealer on the hard streets of upper middle class Northwest Houston. In elementary school, I sold candy to the safety patrol and crossing guards. In junior high I stepped up my game and sold pens, bracelets, t-shirts and then cigarettes. In high school I mowed yards, owned vending machines and worked in my father's business as a delivery driver slash substitute customer care and sales rep.  In college and later Seminary I invested in real estate and sold houses for anyone who would hire me.  I bought a national real estate franchise at 23 and later built an independent brokerage from the ground up based on my observations of a broken industry and business model.  I try to push the boundaries of client experience, price strategy and industry norms. 

I care about people and make no apologies for wanting to make money.  I love Jesus, my wife, my children and friends. I'd rather read a non-fiction book or listen to a successful person speak than watch TV.  My faith is not a bumper sticker and I have a passion for sharing it. I especially enjoy teaching, training and experiencing adventure with young men who are looking for purpose and meaning in life.  I own and run an incredible real estate sales business in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area called The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team.  I own and run a deliberately small and highly selective real estate business consulting company called Members Only Marketing.  

I volunteer extensively with Young Life, a non-denominational Christian outreach ministry to high school kids.  I serve community groups and men as a volunteer and member at Watermark Community Church.  

I'm a student of business, sales and marketing and have learned a great deal from thinkers and implementers including Dan Kennedy, Robert Kiyosaki, Joe Stumpf, Michael Gerber, Curtis Johnson, Jay Kinder, Michael Reese, Verne Harnish, Walter Burgeron, James Nicholas, Hoss Pratt, Claude Bristol, Napoleon Hill, Robert Allen, Todd Dotson, Joe Polish, Bill Glazer, Scott Alexander, Peter B. Kyne, Og Mandino, Thomas Stanley, George Clason, Robert Ringer, Herb Cohen and countless more.  I've written two books with one becoming a best seller and am often a guest on syndicated radio.  I like solving problems and creating innovative solutions for business.

If you're still reading at this point though, my guess is you weren't looking for that type of information.

You're probably wondering, 

Is this guy worth my time and attention?

For many of you, my answer is NO.

Here's why:

I can not help home sellers get the highest prices in the history of mankind if you don't want to follow professional, expert guidance and leadership, and if you want us to do it for "cheap" or free.

I can not help real estate agents 10x your business if you refuse to work, make mistakes, improve, test, fight, deliver genuinely world class value to your clients, or if you continue a pattern of making excuses for not achiving what you committed to.

For some reason, folks expect "successful" business owners to be able to perform magic.

I can not.  If I could, I would not.  Not for the people mentioned above.

I absolutely love leading home seller and buyer clients to their most amazing possible outcome and exceeding their already high expectations.  I also thrive off of helping a real estate agent, broker, or team leader turn their business around from a busy, workaholic, chain of events you are responding to, into an incredible business where you deliver tremendous value to clients you love working with in the time you have allotted outside of time with your family, friends, neighbors, and for rest.


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